HG&E Hadley Falls Fish Passage – Holyoke, MA

HG&E Hadley Falls Fish Passage Holyoke, MA


Holyoke Gas & Electric
99 Suffolk Street
Holyoke, MA 01040

General Contractor:
Cianbro Corporation
101 Cianbro Square
Pittsfield, ME 04967

Scope of Work:
Contracted to perform various work involved in the upgrades and renovation to an existing fish lift located at the Connecticut River’s Holyoke Dam/Hadley Falls Facility in the City of Holyoke, MA. Scope of Work:Included (a.) Swiss cheese drilling and hoe-ramming of rock ledge for new 750ft2 plunge pool, (b.) line drill 4-inch on-center pattern around new plunge pool, (c.) demolition of existing concrete bulk head ramp, concrete fish diversion wall, and reinforced concrete apron, (d.) excavation, loading, hauling, and off-site disposal of rock ledge and concrete, (e.) drilling, stuffing, and grouting shear dowels, and (f.) clean ledge and concrete surfaces of all loose materials.

Location: Holyoke, MA

Challenges: Small construction site with several other trades all working within close proximity to one another. Site dewatering as entire scope of work was performed within the Connecticut River. Several lay out changes during the course of construction. Meeting expedited schedule even as progress was slowed due to dewatering challenges.

Schedule: Entire scope of work completed on schedule.