Rockville WTP Upgrade Vernon, CT

Rockville WTP Upgrade Vernon, CT


The Connecticut Water Company
93 West Main Street
Clinton, CT 06413

General Contractor:
R.H. White Construction Co., Inc.
41 Central Street
Auburn, MA 01501

Scope of Work:
Contracted to perform all drilling and blasting services for upgrades to an existing water treatment plant in the Town of Vernon, CT.Work included drilling and blasting approximately 8,000 cubic yards of open rock and 1,500 cubic yards of trench rock to accommodate new water treatment plant building, backwash tank, spent wash water tank, and yard piping.

Location:Vernon, CT

Challenges: Drilling and blasting conducted within close proximity to serval existing (and highly sensitive) structures including treatment buildings, water tanks, and a live 8-inch water main which had to be monitored and protected during all blasting operations. Project specification called for concrete replacement which required precision drilling and blasting techniques to minimize over blast. Overall small site with many other trades.

Schedule: Drilling and blasting scope completed on schedule.